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Danish Elahi


Chartered accountant (icaew) bsc (hons) uk, accounting & finance – london school of economics ceo of elahi group of companies sits on various boards as group directors including aspin pharmaceutical (johnson & johnson – pakistan) and daewoo city bus services pvt limited.

Equity partner in blueex and buckle & seam specializes in investing in start-up companies qualified chartered accountant (iceaw) with kpmg (uk) london

Danish elahi is a qualified chartered accountant (iceaw) with kpmg london – working with them for three years in the financial services audit as part of the investment banking audit team. he had the luxury of working for prestigious clients such as credit suisse, hsbc, drkw and citigroup

He further holds a bsc (hons) degree with specialization in accounting & finance – alumni class of london school of economics 2004

He has 14+ years of experience in analysis and development including many projects related to corporate finance, investments, equities, commodities, banking, forecasting, research, business planning, strategy development & business/ systems analysis.

At egc, he has been the active ceo of the group for a over a year now

He has done analysis for the corporate team of egc, working alongside with a team of financial professionals for proposal developments, presentations and financial analysis skills to help win multi-billion rupees projects.

He is one of the few professionals with almost complete contacts of companies in the middle east gulf region, united kingdom, south asia and up-to a good extent in other regions of the asia / pacific.

His detailed work in financial analysis includes performing strategic and competitive analysis of existing products and services finding maximal revenue path through requirements analysis, specifications documentation, workflow design, gaps assessment and re-engineering critical business/ technical processes across various sectors such as forex, equities, commodities, manufacturing, financial markets& industrial sectors

  • - Knowledge on financial markets
  • -Reporting & forecasting
  • - Analytical skills
  • he is also currently the:
  • - Robust education
  • - Financial planning, analysis, business strategy and tactics establishment
  • - Intelligence, strong interpersonal skills
  • - Public relations, government liaison
  • - User experience creation
  • - Strategic management
  • - Business analysis
  • - Project management
  • - Sufi steel industries